Shall We Suggest Some Automation With Optimization & Business Intelligence On The Side
Yunitey Automation Platform via Cercasix, as the name suggests, is about automating your operations. It was designed from the ground up to act as the foundation for optimizing any industry it is put into. It comes with salient features that can morph to accommodate your requirements with ease at a quarter of the cost of developing a custom application that meets the same robust quality, security and flexibility.
Yunitey Automation Platform via Cercasix is a one stop solution to all your organizational needs, may it be operational, managerial, administrative or accounting. Most businesses are unaware of the benefits of Business Intelligence, Optimization and Automation though they are the answer to some of the most common problems faced by organisations all over the globe
Yunitey via Cercasixis primarily a service contract ensuring the smooth operations of the organization through our Automation Platform that assist with your day to day activity. It is not about the software, it is about who gives it. With Yuintey, Cercaix has got your back.

Yuintey solutions reduce the need for Print Outs and Physical Documents thus not only helping the environment but also saving on cost of Paper, Stationary and Ink.


Certain Audit criteria may not guaranty that we can completely stop using paper, but by embrasing the latest technological advancements, we can definitely move closer to reducing the ecological footprint we leave behind.


Yuinteys compatibility to work on the latest Computing Equipment further increases the possibility of making a positive impact on the environment by using more energy efficient equipment like Tablets etc to get the work done.

Yuintey Automation Platform is fully integrated and expandable in any direction as per the needs of your organization. Our objective for Yuintey was ‘Simple to Understand & Easy to Use’. Even our bookkeeping system breaks the norms to achieve usability, increase control and thus limit user mistakes.
The needs of an Organization are always changing. Additional requirements may come up, new operational policies may be implemented and old procedures may be deprecated. It is not easy for an organization’s operational software to keep up with this ever changing environment. Yuintey Automation Platform along with its Service Oriented Operational Structure makes it easy to roll our new modules and additional customization at a quick pace and at competitive low development costs.

You tell us your needs and our team of experts makes them for you. It will be fully integrated with the existing structure including user rights, activity logging and operational flow. Once Yuintey is implemented in your organization, you do not have to worry about handling multiple completely different applications to manage different parts of your operations. We bring them all under one roof.
What does Yuintey bring to the table?

Compatibility Is King
Future Proof

Future Proof Technology

Secured Access Controls

User Activity Log

Realtime Reporting
Use of Web protocols for all communication between the server and client makes the system fast and flexible for multi-location operation through VPN or other similar technology.
Top What is The Secret behind Yuintey exactly?

Yuintey was the originally the result of a group of individuals, referring to themselves as The Cooperative Consortia of Executives, coming together to develop something special. A company was later registered as Cercasix I.T.Co.W.L.L to focus on the development and implementation of Yunitey ensuring all the original objectives were upheld. Intentions were clear...

Set up a Development Platform that helps to implement Economical, Functional Solutions that automate day to day processes.

The solution had to be flexible to accommodate growth in any direction in almost any industry thrown at it.

At the same time the development cycle had to be fast, systematic and less prone to developer errors or mistakes.

There should not be any requirement for client installations with all data processing taking place only on the server.

The platform should have integrated Access Control Facility, User Activity Logging and a general Book Keeping System.

And last but of high priority, the modules developed on it should be Nice to its Users.

Cercasix is proud to say that so far we have met all the above mentioned criteria the best way possible at every stage of planning, development and evaluation

What makes Cercasix Different?!

Cercasix specializes in Web Application Design and Development. The main object is to find the middle ground of being a Tech Savvy Development Company and still manage to make great attractive user friendly Web Sites.

We aim to uphold the core functionalities of Quality, Security and Integrity that form the corner stone of a Technology Company while achieving the Creativity, Feel and Culture of a Web Design Studio.

All our products are built on the Yunitey Platform to ensure maximum flexibility and future growth as the need arises while providing a Customer Facing Front End Content Management System that meets the latest Web Design Standards.

The modules are deeply and seamlessly integrated at the core to ensure a stable secure communication while enabling each area to do what it does best thus providing the customer with an operational and financial application that also manages their Internet of Things.

For any enquiries, please send an email to with your contact information and we shall get back to at the earliest
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